What’s Good About Frisch’s?

Frisch’s is known to be the oldest surviving Big Boy Operator apart from the original Big Boy. This was one of the franchises at the initial stages and soon separated and owned the Big Boy trademark itself. 

Frisch’s is a Burger joint in the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King. But it is only limited in the number of locations and is found in three states – Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. 

Apart from burgers, they also serve Breakfast meals, Sandwiches, Fish items, Chicken Tenders, Soups & salads. But when it comes to the signature items, it is their burgers.

For the complete Frisch’s menu, click here.

CategoryBest Foods To Try
Appetizers/Soups/SaladsBreaded Fried Mushrooms
BurgersBig Boy
BurgersBad Boy
BurgersImpossible Big Boy
SandwichesFish Sandwich
SandwichesBuddie Boy
Ham & Cheese SandwichSausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich
Wraps/MeltsFish & Chips
Wraps/MeltsClub Melt Turkey
BreakfastBig Boy’s Big Breakfast
BreakfastFrench Toast & Meat
BreakfastFarmer’s Omelet

The above table gives you those food items that are commonly found in their menu and those which you can try right now.

Apart from these menu items, certain other things are better at Frisch’s.

Tartar Sauce:

This sauce is the base for Big Boy. Such a delicious tasting sauce is the reason why most of their menu items are tasty.

Hot Fudge Cake:

One of the lip smacking desserts is this Fudge Cake which you cannot miss, no matter what. And that Peppermint flavor is just out of this world! 

Bottomless Soup:

The vegetable soup is bottomless at their bar and something that most people love because the taste of the soup itself is too good to miss out.

Some other items that are fan favorites are the Fish Sandwich and Fish sandwich which are by far the best seafood dishes these restaurants offer.

Customer reviews pour in for Frisch’s restaurants for its burgers more than anything else.

Be it the Big Boy or the Impossible Big Boy, they make them better than most other restaurants.

The important thing is the Sauce which is used in the Burger.

One customer says, “Love stopping in at Big Boy when we get a chance. The tartar sauce makes this burger unique and it is simply delicious!”

Above all, the Big Boy himself, the mascot of the Big Boy restaurant is hugely popular. There have been claims that the statues have been stolen. This figure is instantly recognizable and that is a great marketing advantage for the brand.